Greenport Tactical Association

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Important Range Information - Please Read

GTA promotes safe handling & use of legally owned weapons. Matches & events are open to non-members unless otherwise specified. NFA weapons welcome, all NFA rules apply. Eye/ear protection required for your safety. Children under 18 yrs. of age must be accompanied by parent, legal guardian or responsible adult who accepts liability for their actions.

For membership info contact see club officer or click on this link to download a membership application.

GTA membership requires that you be a member of the National Rifle Association. Click on the link below to join the NRA.

To subscribe to the news mailing list, please visit GTA News

**PLEASE READ: Use of firearms are inherently dangerous & could result in severe injury or death. We will not tolerate unsafe shooters, persons, behavior or illegal weapons on the range. **

*** Greenport is a Muzzle down range, meaning unless your weapon is on a target the muzzle must be holstered or in the low position pointing the muzzle at the ground.


*Please maintain this position with all shooters as if we have an AD then the bullet needs to be kept in this range, NO exception!! We need to practice this so our neighbors will be safe and we can continue to shoot here.

*CHAMBER FLAGS will be required when long guns are not in your POSITIVE control.

*NO LOADING OF ANY WEAPON, UNLESS YOU ARE ON THE FIRING LINE. ALL WEAPONS WILL BE UNLOADED IN A SAFE AREA, OR ON THE FIRING LINE. If you are in a private class you will need to follow the instructors wishes whether its a cold range or a hot range for their class only! This is the instructors discretion.

Greenport is machinegun friendly, nothing bigger than 40 mil. Please do not bring illegal weapons onto this range. Bring your paperwork with your weapon as I may want to see it.

Greenport Tactical Association News

GTA 2 Gun Rimfire Match

Below is the link for the 22LR 2 gun (22 rifle and 22 pistol) club match.

Non member fees are 20 dollars. GTA members are 5.

Scott D is MD. You will need about 200 rounds of ammo and lunch will be served for 6 dollars. No prizes, just bragging rights. Well and fun!


GTA August 13 Pistol Match

Below is the sign up link for August Pistol match.



GTA Single Stack classic 7-16-2017 Match results



Below is the link for the GTA SS Classic match results.


Thanks to Bill Montgomery as MD and to those that helped setup/teardown!


Larry Hawkins



2017 GTA is set for a great season

JAN 30 2017 / Greetings everyone.... This year we will be sending self addressed stamped envelopes with the land use contract and 2017 membership forme to be filled out and returned to Karen. These will be going out within the next month, so badges can be made.
Please return these promptly to make it easier. If you have a new member they will have to come to the range with their spponser and get their paperwork AFTER the First Members meeting on May 4th 2017.
The board will meet 2 weeks before this and determine the range setup day. More info to follow... Stay tuned...BB

FEB 2 2017 / I have sent out the membership forms and land use agreement to ALL registered members for the year of 2017.  Please fill out ALL of the forms and return them in the Self addressed Stamped envelope. This will help get the badges done sooner this year. I have included 2 flyers about the sniper match for 2017. Keep these for your own reference.

If you have a new member You and the new member MUST come to the range to sign them up, after the first meeting, not before. Reminder, ALL NEW MEMBERS MUST have a  mentor, for them to enter our shooting community.

MAY 4th 2017/  First members night, to pickup badges and range setup.  The range setup was set for the 6th , but it has been changed to the 4th. Please come lend a hand. We will have a list of jobs that need completed for the setup.



New Members

New Members

2017 also comes with additional regulations for new members.  These procedures will help new members make connections and friends faster and gain a better working knowledge of GTA.  This also will help GTA ensure all new members are safe shooters and aware of GTA’s rules.  If you picked up your badge and shot with us in 2015 you are considered a returning member and can sponsor and mentor new members.

New members for 2017 will need to come to the range with your mentor to get and fill out your membership application and land use contract.

Prospective members must have a sponsor and will be on probation for one year.  During this year they cannot sponsor new members themselves.  Yearly dues will be paid at the time the application is submitted.

Established members will have a different badge so new members will know who they can ask questions of and we can help them enjoy themselves more.

GTA will use a four-event-to-membership requirement.  New prospective members shall spend a total of four events/Thursdays with different members participating in club activities before becoming a member.  The first event be will be spent with their sponsor getting a safety orientation, tour and generally being shepherded about.  All the events can be as simple as shooting steel in the pit, using the rifle range or shooting a match with us.  Prospective members can participate as long as they have a mentor participating in that activity.  Their sponsor and three supporting mentors will initial and date their badge.

At the end of 4 activities the board will check to make sure the new member is a safe shooter and up to speed or if additional mentoring is needed.

GTA has never been about recruiting top elite shooters.  We are about ensuring everyone has safe, shooting fun and that GTA can continue to provide this venue for the shooting community.


Match Fees for 2017

Match fees

I’m looking forward to getting out and shooting and I hope you are too.  GTA is keeping the ordinary match fees the same as last year: $5 for members and $20 for non-members.  We are defining three special, fund-raising matches with different fees.

The Single Stack Classic and our 3-Gun Match will charge $15 for members and $30 for non-members.

The Sniper Match will be $40 per person or $80 for a 2 person team.  Sept 3rd 2017 will be this years Sniper match, and it will be put on again by Gary Marks, Scott Coleman, Carl Johnson. Please put this date on your calendar.


Rifle Shooting

Rifle shooting

Center fire rifle cartridges shall be fired ONLY on the rifle range with the exception of club sponsored events.  The use of any other range for testing, sighting or practice may be done with the land owner’s permission.





JAN 31 2017 The shoothouse is almost finished, just a few more things, and it will be usable this year. I will need several volunteers to help me finish this project. Please see BB for further details.

We should be able to use this after dark with the led lites I want to install. if anyone has any airsoft for force on force, please let me know (BB)


SEPT 09 / 2014  The floor and the front was finished on this Saturday and it looks great, Thanks for all of those that helped, (Frank, Larry, Sharon, Cody,Sandy,Rob,Ryan,Adam, hope I didn't forget anyone) Thanks to all of you.  We got all of the coraplas and shoot house wall parts in the shoot house now and need several more items moved to complete it. I will keep you informed to the progress. Thanks BBird


SEPT 2014  Fall is on the way, we will be trying to get the house up and running for this fall. The automation probably won't

be this year, but we will use static targets.  I still need some people power to finish ( see Bill for dates)

off the shoot house, making walls, hanging motors and rails, smoothing out the floor.

The drainage is complete, the grass is in and grew app 4 inches b4 winter. The ground is soft now from the rain.


Aug 17, 2014 we had a work party out and there were 13 of us setting posts, making door frame, installing siding, leveling parts of

the floor.  I still need to move all of the portable house parts over to the range. I also need another day with your help to


To all of you that helped, Guy, Marty, John, Ryan, Larry, Frank, Sandy, Will, Mike, Sarah, Heather, I want to THANK YOU

personally for your due diligence in the heat and rain showers!! Thanks for your help.


November 2013  We have finished the drainage and grass is planted, the hillsides are retainer from most erosion this winter.

I've got most of the upper framing done and will need some help with the walls, floor and possibly a ballistic wall.

**NOTE** this area is closed to all shooting for now, please keep all vehicles out of this area.

Pics to follow soon see ya in the spring


July 2013  The shoot house is coming along just fine at this time, its 30 x 30 with the possibility of 18 rooms after the portable walls are built.

For now i expect the range will be closed for another week, (if it doesn't stop raining it will be longer) before Range #1 will be usable.

This project may take 3 more weeks  if its to wet to work.

My thoughts at this time are that we take all of our portable shoot house parts and build an operational shoot house, once we are done  with the final grade excavation.

I have plans for 6 radio controlled targets, that will be hung from the ceiling, so they HOPEFULLY won't be shot!!

There will be a foul line @ 7' for Muzzle height restriction, and we will always obey the 180' rule.

More to come on the progress.  Check it out when your @ greenport.

Best regards,



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