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New Members

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New Members

2017 also comes with additional regulations for new members.  These procedures will help new members make connections and friends faster and gain a better working knowledge of GTA.  This also will help GTA ensure all new members are safe shooters and aware of GTA’s rules.  If you picked up your badge and shot with us in 2015 you are considered a returning member and can sponsor and mentor new members.

New members for 2017 will need to come to the range with your mentor to get and fill out your membership application and land use contract.

Prospective members must have a sponsor and will be on probation for one year.  During this year they cannot sponsor new members themselves.  Yearly dues will be paid at the time the application is submitted.

Established members will have a different badge so new members will know who they can ask questions of and we can help them enjoy themselves more.

GTA will use a four-event-to-membership requirement.  New prospective members shall spend a total of four events/Thursdays with different members participating in club activities before becoming a member.  The first event be will be spent with their sponsor getting a safety orientation, tour and generally being shepherded about.  All the events can be as simple as shooting steel in the pit, using the rifle range or shooting a match with us.  Prospective members can participate as long as they have a mentor participating in that activity.  Their sponsor and three supporting mentors will initial and date their badge.

At the end of 4 activities the board will check to make sure the new member is a safe shooter and up to speed or if additional mentoring is needed.

GTA has never been about recruiting top elite shooters.  We are about ensuring everyone has safe, shooting fun and that GTA can continue to provide this venue for the shooting community.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 31 January 2017 17:05