Greenport Tactical Association

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We’ve never had a problem, and we will not have any in the future. GTA will continue to be a safe shooting environment where we can enjoy shooting. We will not tolerate any kind of horseplay or shooting stunts. I will not allow some putz with a gun to ruin GTA for everyone.

Eye and ear protection are mandatory for members, guests and match participants. We will remain a muzzle down range. Reloads with your pistol muzzle pointed over the backstop is not tolerated. Discharge a weapon over the backstop and you’re gone. Safe the kool stuff you see on TV and in video games for someone else’s range.

GTA will continue to be a cold range. You may not load your weapon until you’re on the firing line and you have been authorized to do so.

Don’t like it? Great, start your own club.


Safety is our number one rule.



GTA President

Last Updated on Saturday, 09 March 2013 01:41